"Women surrealist artists embraced the surrealist vision of themselves as different from men in their greater facility for clairvoyance, in the manner of Irigarayan mimicry, because that vision recognized them as artistically powerful. In this sense they anticipated the feminist movement of the 1970s which valorized hysteria in women as a subversion of patriarchal discourse and which hailed certain celebrated hysterics, such as Freud’s Dora, as prefeminist heroines…In writing about their mental illness, [Leonora Carrington and Unica Zürn] resist the possibility of being glamorized by it…They recognize that the characteristic of madness attached to Woman in surrealism is viewed as positive by the men, and they seek to redefine it as a real, painful, and physical experience. They put a human face on the muse, showing how a woman, too, has an unconscious in surrealism, and that it is no less troubling than a man’s."

Katherine Conley, Automatic Woman

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